Why the artisan industry needs a decentralized cross-border payment solution

The artisan industry is the second largest employment in the developing world, and the worldwide handicrafts market is predicted to reach $984.8 billion by 2023, according to NEST’s State of the Handworker Economy Report. So, why do so many craftspeople throughout the world, particularly in developing countries, live in poverty?

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Unleashing the Power of Data in Emerging Markets

I interviewed Joseph Rutakangwa, co-founder of Rwazi, a company using on-ground data from markets across sub-Saharan Africa. Joseph told me why this is so important for emerging markets economic development in the private sector and also in the public sector. So he came up with the idea of starting Rwazi using gig workers – what he calls “mappers” – and they provide the most accurate and localized data for companies and NGOs.

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Vietnam: the Rising Star of SouthEast Asia

This episode is about the rising star of SouthEast Asia: Vietnam

Calling from Saigon, I spoke to Vinh Ho an American entrepreneur and host of the podcast Focus Asia-Pacific.

He moved to Vietnam few years ago and he said it’s been a very exciting time for the country economic growth.

We talked about how the Vietnamese young generations is very tech savvy, the start-up landscape, how mobile payments are taking off in the country and the differences between China and Vietnam .

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Guyana: World’s Fastest Growing Economy

Guyana podcast

This episode is about a little-known South American country called Guyana, a new frontier market that has seen an influx of new investments in different sectors since the discovery of oil in its territory in 2015. To talk about Guyana I invited Steven Jasmin, the managing director of Smart City Clearing Company Ltd.(Sc3) an internationally based Frontier Market Merchant Bank and Asset Management firm. Steven has spent a lot of time in Guyana since 2017, and he feels that the country’s status as a Global Leader and Regional Leader will…

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Introducing Emerging Markets Today Podcast

Today we are introducing the Emerging Markets Today (EMT) Podcast! After few years bringing you a comprehensive overview of Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets, we are moving all these amazing content to audio format. What can you expect to find (and listen) in the EMT Podcast? You will be able to listen to chats and interviews for you to be in the loop with what’s happening in emerging markets and much more Follow us on Twitter @TodayEmerging Listen here on Spotify The EMT is available is all your favourite podcast…

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