How we used smartphones to test for malaria: lessons from Uganda

We believe that Africa’s widespread adoption of smartphones, even in the most remote areas, could be key to empowering people to administer tests and securely share their results with health authorities.

Working with the Uganda Ministry of Health once more, we set out to develop a diagnostic app to pair with our origami diagnostic system.

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Shortage of coffee in 2021 might see record prices

Brazil coffee shortage 2021

Some of the most significant coffee-producing regions got less than half of the average amount of rain. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of coffee. The rainy season in Brazil often occurs during the northern hemisphere’s winter, giving enough water for farmers to irrigate coffee plants and keep them alive for several months. Bloomberg reported this week that Brazil’s rainy season suffered a severe shortage of rain. Some of the most important coffee-producing regions received less than half the typical quantity of rain. As a result, “output of arabica coffee,…

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Why the next viral social media channel is coming from emerging markets

Tiktok, which was created in China, witnessed an increase in the number of users on its app. Silicon Valley, once the origin of the first generation of social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram, is losing its position as the world’s only tech powerhouse. I invited Andy Tian, CEO of Asia Innovations Group, on the EMT podcast to discuss this shift in social media trends and the second generation of social media apps that are coming from emerging markets. The Chinese founded Tiktok saw an explosion of users in…

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