The Role of Human Capital in Africa’s Economic Growth

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In this episode, I chat with Paul Breloff, co-founder of Shortlist, about the pivotal role of human capital in Africa’s economic trajectory.

Shortlist provides executive search services and work force development for leading startups and impact organizations in Africa.

Here’s a snapshot of our conversation:

1️⃣ The Power of People: While big ideas capture attention, it’s the individuals behind them that truly make a difference. Discover how Shortlist is addressing the challenges of finding and developing the right talent in Africa.

2️⃣ Why Africa? Paul’s journey from a small town in Western New York to working extensively in India and Africa offers a unique perspective on the booming startup and innovation economy in the continent.

3️⃣ Challenges & Opportunities: From data problems to experience gaps, Paul discusses the unique talent dynamics in Africa. He emphasizes the importance of hands-on approaches and the need for on-the-job training for young professionals.

4️⃣ Impact Organizations: Learn about businesses that address significant social problems while working with markets. Paul shares his experiences with companies that focus on renewable power, green growth, and more.

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