Brazilian e-commerce is booming! Is your online shop ready for “samba”?

If you work with international e-commerce, you must have heard that Brazil is the next online powerhouse. The current growth in the number of smartphones has opened up a world of e-possibilities to millions of Brazilians, from all income levels. There are already more than 48 million unique online buyers yearly, which represents a quarter of Brazil’s population. However, there is room for more, and the sector is indeed growing!

Although e-commerce in Brazil is still responsible for only 3% of all retail in the country, it is presenting persistent double-digits growth, defying the Brazilian economic recession from the last years. E-commerce in Brazil grew 12% in 2017 reaching U$ 15 billion, almost the double of all online retail in Sweden. Brazilians also shopped 21% more in foreign websites when compared to the previous year. Items sought range from electronics to clothing, cosmetics and health products.

E-commerce in Brazil grew 12% in 2017 reaching U$ 15 billion

Because of that, many Swedish companies with an online offer are contacting me regarding the many opportunities in Brazil, as well as the many challenges that comes with Brazil. So, are you ready to grow your revenue in this exciting but still complex market? Check below some of the things you must consider:

How to get the product to your customer’s door. Your accessibility to the Brazilian market can depend on how and where your product is shipped to.

What impact will import taxes play. Misinformation between the parts may lead to a product stuck or abandoned at customs.

What your payment options are. Many Brazilians do not have a credit card, or even a bank account, but are eager to buy online.

What is your main target group and how to reach it. Cultural differences may be decisive role for attracting new international buyers.

If you are up for samba and realize that Brazil has an untapped potential for you, and you want to prepare in the best way, make sure you visit Business Sweden’s website and download our insight report on the Brazilian e-commerce. You can do so by clicking here. You can also contact me directly for more information.

Guest post by Marcelo Juc , a Consultant at Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council

This post was originally published on LinkedIn

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