Southeast Asia’s tourism and travel sector after COVID-19: a way forward

Emerging Markets Tourism And Travel In Southeast Asia And Regional Or Local

The coronavirus started in China before spreading to other countries. Southeast Asia’s travel and tourism sector felt the impact of the virus right away due to the decline in arrivals from China. The subsequent spread of the virus resulted in lockdowns and other social restriction policies which made the damage to the sector even worse. With tourism and travel activities coming to an almost complete halt, ASEAN governments are now slowly looking for a way out. Powerhouse Tourism and travel are undeniably important to the Southeast Asian region. The sector…

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Why Brazil’s tourism still is under-performing

Brazil is a huge country, one of the biggest of the world. Its seaside measures over 7,400 km and two worldwide famous cities are located there: Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. On the top of that, Brazil recently hosted two of the biggest events in the world: the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. However even boasting some impressive figures, locations and events, Brazil still receives very few foreigner tourists. According to Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism, this number was 6.6 mi in 2016. Meanwhile, over 80 mi tourists went to France in…

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