After the fall: Will Wal-Mart rise again in Brazil?

This is the second part of a two-part article, read the first part here The rise and fall of Wal-mart in Brazil. About a year ago Wal-Mart made headlines in the Brazilian and international press – the supermarket chain had announced the closure of 60 stores in Brazil and their sales were (and still are) on the way down. I even wrote an article here about that. In Brazil, Wal-Mart’s main problem was their lack of brand positioning – it didn’t appeal to the new middle-class and it was too…

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The rise and fall of Wal-Mart in Brazil

store front walmart

This is the first part of a two-part article, read the second part here: “After the fall: Will Wal-Mart rise again in Brazil?” Things are not looking good for Wal-Mart in Brazil. So far, the retailer closed 60 stores, mainly because of failing profits. According to its corporate website, before the recent closures Wal-Mart Brazil had 544 stores, 200 pharmacies, 50 restaurants and 10 gas stations in 18 states and the country’s capital, in addition to an electronics business. To understand what happened, let me tell you a bit of its…

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Recession-hit Brazilians shift to own label products

Brazil’s recession, Brazil’s fall from grace…the international press surely has not been kind when reporting about Brazil. The Economist labelled the Brazilian crisis as “irredeemable”, which is not surprising to me, as the American magazine seems to have anti-Dilma attitude from day one! Other more optimistic publication, say that president Dilma Roussef has promised to kick-start the country’s economy by appointing a new finance minister. Surely, Brazilians are very adaptable, coming from a rather economically unstable few decades (hyperinflation, economic stagnation). However, how does the recent crisis is affecting how…

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