Africa in Focus: Tech Innovation, Data and Financial Inclusion

We are half way through 2022 and I selected a few clips of the episodes featured so far this year. For this episode I decided to turn my focus to…

What to Expect from Emerging Markets Investments

*Disclaimer: this episode is NOT an investment advice!* This episode is all about emerging markets investments and what to look out for.  Here is my chat with André L. Havas, CEO…

What Tech Innovation Really Looks Like in Emerging Markets

This episode is about tech innovation in emerging markets beyond the big headlines! I invited Max Cuvellier, Head of Mobile for Development at GSMA and co-founder of Africa: The Big Deal.…

Suriname: Economic Development and Wildlife Conservation

Here is my chat with Monique Pool, the founder of Green Heritage Fund Suriname. We talked about everything from economic development to how urbanization is affecting the country’s wildlife. Monique told me that Suriname is one of the 3 carbon neutral countries (along with Butan and Panama) and how she envisions Suriname’s future, hopefully with a green economic development mindset.

How to Create a Socially Inclusive Circular Economy

This episode is all about circular economy and what comes next for emerging markets! I interviewed Alexandre Lemille, a circular economy expert advocating for a more socially inclusive circular economy.  We…

Empowering Artisan Communities with Financial Inclusion

I invited Eric Osuorah, the founder of AFOMA, “the goodwill token”. He wanted to empower artisans and small businesses in different African communities, so he started Sellitic – a more financial inclusive eCommerce marketplace using a crypto token called AFOMA.

Innovation in Emerging Markets: A New Perspective

This episode is all about Innovation in Emerging Markets!

Here is my chat with Alex Lazarow, author of the book Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs – from Delhi to Detroit – Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley.

We talked about why emerging markets took over Silicon valley in tech innovation, why being a “camel startup” is sometimes better than an unicorn startup, what means to be a disruption and a creator in emerging markets.

Latin America’s Fintech Funding Gold Rush

This episode is all about fintech funding! Latin America’s fintech companies are growing and getting funding is an on-going challenge for all startups in the region, so I wanted to…

Unleashing the Power of Data in Emerging Markets

I interviewed Joseph Rutakangwa, co-founder of Rwazi, a company using on-ground data from markets across sub-Saharan Africa. Joseph told me why this is so important for emerging markets economic development in the private sector and also in the public sector. So he came up with the idea of starting Rwazi using gig workers – what he calls “mappers” – and they provide the most accurate and localized data for companies and NGOs.

Why Latin America Needs a Democratic Green Revolution

Rodrigo has just got back from COP26 and he told me about his takeaways of the event. But the main topic of our conversations was how Latin America needs a democratic green revolution. He said the path  transition to a more green economy is through international collaboration between Latin American countries.