Reinventing Bangladesh’s Private Healthcare Sector

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This episode is all about challenges and opportunities in healthcare in emerging markets! 

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sylvana Q. Sinha, founder and CEO of Praava Health, Bangladesh’s fastest growing healthcare brand. Sylvana explained me the healthcare sector in Bangladesh, its challenges and opportunities for private healthcare startups. The major challenges in the sector include maintaining quality standards and providing access to quality diagnostic testing.

As a solution to the quality gap, Sylvana founded Praava Health to provide high-quality outpatient healthcare that incorporates primary care, secondary care, lab and imaging diagnostics, and pharmacy services. It was interesting to learn about the innovative approach that Praava Health is taking to address the challenges in the healthcare sector in Bangladesh.

We also discussed the challenges of raising capital in emerging markets, particularly for women-founded businesses. It was insightful to hear Sylvana’s perspective on this issue, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector in emerging markets – and I think you will do too!


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