Start-ups eye Brazil’s ever-growing eCommerce

Despite the recent political turmoil and recession, Brazil’s eCommerce continues to grow. In 2015, online sales grew 15.3% in value and 3% in volume compared to 2014, according to ebit…

Winners and Losers: Brazil’s convenience store battle

According to a consumer research by Ipiranga in 2015, 45% of customers that shopped at AM/PM, didn’t purchase petrol – meaning that nearly half of customers went there only to buy the store’s products.

How Brazil missed its golden South-South co-operation moment

Guest post by Lídia Cabral, Institute of Development Studies Compared to China or India, Brazil is a relatively small player in development aid. Yet it has managed to make a mark…

Emerging Markets are much more Bitcoin native

The buzz around Bitcoin has been huge. It seems everybody is talking about it, but its uses have been restricted to a niche type of people and business. If you…

Brazil’s cash strapped consumers flock to Cash & Carry

Brazil is a peculiar place. Imagine you are Brazilian and after years of having a little extra disposable income, you and your family see it shrinking again. What do you do?

The rise and fall of Walmart in Brazil

Read the updated version of this article here Things are not looking good for Wal-Mart in Brazil. So far, the retailer closed 60 stores, mainly because of failing profits.…

Why Brazil still is a no-go for IKEA

Read a more updated version of this article here: No IKEA in Brazil: local furniture brands pose fierce competition In developed markets, IKEA is positioned as a low-priced mass-market brand,…

Beacons: should retailers believe the hype?

It all sounds pretty simple but are consumers prepared or even, have enough understanding to try this new technology? And most of all, are emerging markets more ready for this new retail technologies?

Why Bitcoin is a good idea for Brazil

I think it all has become a chicken-or-egg situation: would an appropriate regulation help to spread the use of bitcoin? or not enough people use bitcoin because the lack of regulation?