African Startup Funding: Hype vs. Reality

We all read big headlines about African tech startups getting millions of dollars in funding but what seems like good news for the continent, the reality is not as bright as it seems.

To talk about the African startup scene I invited entrepreneur and podcaster Alex Nyamoya Boyi. Alex is originally from Burundi and is the host of the podcast African Tech Roundup.

She explained what’s hype and what really happens in reality with funding for African startups.

We also talked about African nations with a thriving startup scene beyond  Nigeria and South Africa. And why English-speaking African countries have more press visibility than French-speaking ones, despite having a population of over 140 million people.

Alex is also a serial podcaster hosting African Tech Roundup, the Future of Money a podcast that offers an African perspective on fintech and finance and Sporteve about sports with a woman’s perspective and Parole, a French and English podcast focused on African and global perspectives.

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