Vietnam: the Rising Star of SouthEast Asia

This episode is about the rising star of SouthEast Asia: Vietnam

Calling from Saigon, I spoke to Vinh Ho an American entrepreneur and host of the podcast Focus Asia-Pacific.

He moved to Vietnam few years ago and he said it’s been a very exciting time for the country economic growth.

We talked about how the Vietnamese young generations is very tech savvy, the start-up landscape, how mobile payments are taking off in the country and the differences between China and Vietnam .

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SE Asia: eCommerce boom drives up mobile payment options

A recent Google-Temasek e-Conomy SEA 2018 report highlights the explosive growth happening in e-commerce in Southeast Asia. SE Asia has long been seen as a challenging market for international brands to enter. Recent investments in infrastructure, improved regulatory conditions alongside rapid growth in internet and smartphone penetration open up the markets for foreign brands. With the growing acceptance of e-commerce, foreign brands no longer need to establish a local presence to target the Southeast Asian consumer. According to the e-Conomy SEA 2018 report, the SE Asia internet economy reached an…

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Opinion: Sara Haq’s perspective on Emerging markets expertise

Guest post by Sara Haq It is impossible to know everything about emerging markets business. Even if one could know all of the pertinent information at any given moment in time, emerging markets are by definition undergoing incredible amounts of rapid change. Knowledge quickly ages, and it is critical to continually renew one’s understanding. This is one reason why getting on the ground is so critical to understanding the pulse of emerging markets business. Humility is critical. As soon as you think you know all of the answers, you stop…

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The 3 emerging markets to watch in 2016

2015, what year that was for BRICs! It will be the year to remember Brazil’s economic slowdown and turbulent political scene. Meanwhile in China,  the botched response to a rout in its stocks gripped financial markets in mid-2015 and Russia projected to report single-digit inflation. But what’s happening with other emerging markets outside the BRICs? The Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit pointed out the ASEAN trade bloc, which comprising countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines is what we ought to be looking at for next year. Here…

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