What does the Olympic Games mean for brands?

In a few hours all eyes will be on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – the Olympic games will start. Even with all controversy surrounding the event: filthy waters, urban violence and lack of infrastructure,  I think Rio will be able to pull off the event.

But what does the Olympic Games really mean for brands?

No doubt, the Olympic games is a massive opportunity for brands to captivate consumers, either with sponsorship deals or clever marketing campaigns.

With roughly 80 million Brazilians claiming to be engaged in some sort of sport activity, sportswear can be hugely lucrative.

Nike is back in the game as official sponsor of the Olympics since being displaced by Adidas after the year 2000 Sidney Olympics. Nike promised to bring out the best in product innovation like the new “anti-clog traction” football boots, designed to prevent mud to stick on the sole and make footballers run even faster.

Obviously, not everybody will be able or want to buy professional football trainers, butNike could bring this innovation to the mass produced products, like their running shoes.

Adidas lost its post as official Olympic sponsor but haven’t lost its marketing game.

Adidas is still the official sponsor of France, Canada, Germany and Great Britain teams and introduced a special Brazil-inspired soccer ball for the event.

Needless to say, the brand will still make big bucks with the event.

Home-grown Brazilian brand Havaianas, the now fashionable flip-flops that became a trend for quite some time in Europe and UK, are investing heavily on the the event.

Havaianas has created a series of Rio-inspired flip-flops. During the World Cup, it will sell sandals with player numbers and the names of countries inscribed on the foot bed.

Here are just a few examples, but a lot of other brands will want a slice of the Olympic pie.

After every Olympics, people always talk about the Olympic legacy. Well, only time will them what legacy the Rio Olympics brought to Brazil.

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