Top 10 brands most ‘liked’ Facebook pages in Brazil

There are already 90 million internet users in Brazil, which accounts for 57% of the population (12 year olds and older), according to a Datafolha Institute study mentioned in  O Globo newpaper. Interestingly enough, more than half of internet users have as their primary access method a tablet or smartphone, a proof that mobile devices in Brazil are becoming more and more popular.

Another interesting point is, Brazilians really love and embraced social network sites even before the launch of  Facebook – the newly extinct Orkut was widely used in the country many years before that. After a slow start in Brazil, Facebook has become the favourite social media site, used by 88% of the internet users, says Datafolha.

However, international brands  are still struggling to engage Brazilian consumers –  the list below shows the top 10 brands with most likes on Facebook :

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. Guaraná Antarctica
  3. Skol
  4. Garoto
  5. Hotel Urbano
  6. O Boticário
  7. Lacta Oficial
  8. Netshoes
  9. Cacau Show
  10. Itaú bank

(Source: Socialbakers – December 2014 – local fans only)

Chocolate brands have done well in that sense – Garoto and Lacta were household names before Nestle and Mondelez International acquired those brands respectively.  The more upmarket chocolate brand Cacao Show, have been expanding their stand-alone stores through the franchising system but also increasing their presence via an online shop and often running promotions via Facebook.

The online store Netshoes now offers a service where the consumer can choose to log in with their Facebook account and will be notified on about the status of their purchases on their profile. According the company, 93 % chose Facebook and already receives updates about their orders in that way.

Guarana Antarctica comes in close second and is a well stablished Brazilian brand of soft drink. It’s fair to say that the secret of their success on Facebook was make the online and offline worlds come close together. The brand already sponsored reality TV shows like Big Brother Brazil, inviting the public to visit their fan page and in the 2013, launched a limited edition blue can to celebrate the benchmark of 10 million fans on their Facebook page.

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