Central America: The Next Frontier for Tech Outsourcing?

In the latest episode of Emerging Markets Today podcast, Ana Paula Picasso sits down with Charles Fry – founder of CODE Exitos, a tech design studio with offices in the US and Honduras – to discuss the emerging tech talent in Central America. As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift towards remote work, more and more companies are looking to Latin America for outsourcing opportunities.

Why Central America?

Central America has become an attractive destination for tech talent outsourcing by US companies, with Honduras as a prime example. Honduras shares the same time zone as Texas – where some part of the CODE Exitos team is based – making it a convenient location for US companies.

In the episode, Fry believes that talent is universal and can be found anywhere, not just in the US or UK, but also in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. Governments are working hard to cultivate tech-savvy individuals, as seen in India’s emergence as a tech power, for instance.

Central America boasts a competent and productive labor force, with university students being a key part of the tech industry. Universities in Central America offer English as a subject, making students competitive in the global job market. Although language might be a challenge, Central Americans are bilingual, which makes communication with English speakers easier. Social media has also helped in language learning.

The quality of education in Central America is exceptional, with countries like Costa Rica producing top-notch computer science graduates. The government provides universal education, making education accessible to everyone, resulting in a steady supply of skilled graduates each year.

The future of tech in central America

Most of the Central American countries face economic and political instability but they have the potential to grow.

If the leaders of these countries could come up with a lasting peace solution, there would be room to attract investors.

In conclusion, the podcast episode sheds light on the untapped potential of tech talent in Central America. With a well-educated and bilingual workforce, Central America is poised to become a hub for tech innovation.

Main photo: Catedral de San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Photo by Héctor Emilio Gonzalez on Unsplash

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