African Startup Funding: Hype vs. Reality

We all read big headlines about African tech startups getting millions of dollars in funding but what seems like good news for the continent, the reality is not as bright as it seems.
To talk about the African startup scene I invited entrepreneur and podcaster Alex Nyamoya Boyi. Alex is originally from Burundi and is the host of the podcast African Tech Roundup.

Positive Social Impact with Microfinance in Brazil

This episode is about how microfinance is having a beneficial social impact on Brazil’s unbanked and underbanked populations.
I had a chat with Taynah Reis, a fellow Brazilian and the founder of MoedaSeeds, a fintech that provides financing to entrepreneurs in underserved areas. They support female-owned businesses in rural regions and offer investment options based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Social Media Trends in Emerging Markets

This episode is about a very hot topic: Social Media Trends in Emerging Markets. To talk about it, I invited Andy Tian, the CEO of Asia Innovations Group – the…

Guyana: World’s Fastest Growing Economy

This episode is about a little-known South American country called Guyana, a new frontier market that has seen an influx of new investments in different sectors since the discovery of…

Mapping Brazil’s Fintech Sector

This episode is all about Brazil’s fintech sector
What happens when you mix digital readiness, a robust financial regulation and the Brazilian entrepreneurial spirit?
You get a booming fintech sector!

What’s Next for Myanmar?

Ana Paula Picasso talked to Amit Jain, a Singapore-based consultant who helps clients navigate frontier markets and fragile states. Amit has a deep understanding of Myanmar’s social and political situation. They talked about the country’s recent past, the reasons that lead to the coup, and his analysis for Myanmar’s economic future.

Blockchain & the Unbanked in Sub-Saharan Africa

I had a chat with Espen Kvelland, CEO and founder of Wakandi, a company bringing payment solutions to the unbanked in Sub-Saharan Africa. This wasn’t a technical conversation, we focused on the social aspects of the technology.

E-Waste and its Impact in Emerging Markets

Ana Paula Picasso interviewed Sebastian Holmstr̦m, Circular Strategy Lead of Inrego Рa company specialized in recycling and re-using of electronic waste (e-waste). They talked about the impact of e-waste in developing countries, and how emerging markets can leapfrog from a linear economy to a more sustainable and circular economy with their electronics consumption.

Emerging & Frontier Markets Overview

Ana Paula Picasso from Emerging Markets Today (EMT) and James Eugene from Frontier Markets News, had a chat about the history of EMT, the differences between emerging and frontier markets, and what’s hot in Frontier Markets.

Introducing Emerging Markets Today Podcast

Today we are introducing the Emerging Markets Today (EMT) Podcast! After few years bringing you a comprehensive overview of Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets, we are moving all these amazing…