Forget Black Friday: Emerging Markets eCommerce thrives with other ideas

In emerging markets, Black Friday is present in a lesser scale – different countries have bigger and better sales days. Here is a quick round-up.


Black Friday in India is taking its first steps – the main shopping date still is Diwali. However, some eCommerce sites are investing on Black Friday.

We can’t talk about Indian eCommerce without mentioning local marketplace site Flipkart. As internet penetration growth accelerates web sales, Flipkart is giving Amazon India a run for its money.

Flipkart beat Amazon India in the latest festive season (Diwali) sales, underlining its tactical favourable position and setting up the e-commerce firm for a strong end to a year in which it turned around its luck and secured its status as the country’s largest online retailer. The trend is Flipkart will do the same during Black Friday.

Also Indian consumers are looking to US sites that ship to India. News with lists of US sites that will send goods to India became a guide for those who want to find a bargain elsewhere.


Brazilians have embraced Black Friday like no other emerging market. Perhaps because there isn’t other holiday date apart from Christmas. In one of my previous posts, Black Friday sales in the country are taking the spotlight away from Christmas and January sales. Even with the political and economic turmoil in the past 2 years, Brazilians are keener for a bargain more than ever.

Brazilian retail and eCommerce sectors still are optimistic. According to a Google/Ibope research, on Black Friday 2017, 65% of Brazilians interviewed are planning to buy some sort of electronic – with preference for smartphones.

But some might argue that Black Friday in Brazil is just another gimmick: In true Brazilian manner, memes about Black Friday appear every year joking about the discounts offered – some retailers would deliberately double prices, only to halve it on the day.


China has something better than Black Friday: the sales holiday that broke all the records this year – Single’s Day.

If you need to know one thing about Chinese eCommerce, you need to know about online retail giant Alibaba. The Chinese site announced the result of Single’s Day (11/11): sales surpassed all the expectations – they reached USD $25.3 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV).

To put that in perceptive, Chinese consumers spent around seven times the amount of money in that one day that Americans spend on Cyber Monday alone.

And things are gearing up for the Chinese eCommerce market. Some experts say by 2020, China’s e-commerce market is set to be larger than those of the US, Japan, Germany, the UK and France combined.

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