Start-ups eye Brazil’s ever-growing eCommerce

Despite the recent political turmoil and recession, Brazil’s eCommerce continues to grow. In 2015, online sales grew 15.3% in value and 3% in volume compared to 2014, according to ebit – the Brazilian eCommerce association.

In the same year, the total sales of eCommerce represented 3.3% of the total retails sales in the country. It still is good news for webshops, however the consumer behaviour started to change a little.

The main change is shopping frequency: shoppers are buying less often but when they do they spend more, still according to ebit. Needless to say, it is crucial for smaller webshops to get to know their customers better.

The Brazilian brick-and-mortar shops have expanded to the online world and implemented the ‘buy online collect in store’ process. It’s fair to say that theomnichannel in Brazil is becoming more and more close to mature markets, like Europe and USA.

However, how would some of these new webshops stand out enough to catch the new Brazilian consumer’s attention?

Seeing this new situation arise, Danish start-up decided to invest in the offers a software solution for small to medium size webshops as a sales optimization tool, with product recommendations, personalized emails and customer segmentation – features that have proven to be too costly to webshops of this size until now.

Since launching in February 2016 in Brazil, already has some sucess stories.

One of its first customers to use Clerk’s optimization tool was Relva Verde, a vitamin and natural supplements online shop. In a space of only few months, Relva Verde had an 148% increase in basket size on orders with product recommendations and and 88% increase in average value on orders containing product recommendations.

This example only comes to prove that Brazil’s eCommerce sector seems to be recession proof.

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